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Nearby Attractions

Butterfly Farm is situated close to the magnificent scenery of the Shipwreck Coast, and within easy driving distance of several coastal and hinterland centres.

We can assist with your sightseeing, fishing or touring plans.

The Twelve Apostles

The Shipwreck Coast’s most recognisable and famous feature, these sandstone sentinels off the coast are succumbing, one by one, to the ceaseless pounding of the Southern Ocean.

When you have marvelled at the Apostles from the windswept viewing platforms, explore the visitor centre, or take an exhilarating helicopter ride for a different view of the Apostles and coastline.

Childers Cove

Scene of the tragic shipwreck of the barque Children in in 1839, this small cove is a beautiful spot for picnicking, diving or swimming. The nearby Murnane's Bay can also be explored.

Bay of Islands

Spectacular offshore rock stacks dot this wide bay. Strikingly-beautiful on sunny days, it is also one of the best places on the coast to experience the raw power of the wind and sea during stormy winter weather.

Antares Beach

A sweeping view along the rugged coastal cliffs. The Antares was wrecked in 1914 east of the viewing area on the cliff-top. Tragically, the shipwreck went almost unnoticed, the only person to see the ship's distress flares having his story dismissed as a joke.


A peaceful holiday village beside the wide Curdies Inlet. Ideal for a lazy day fishing on the river, playing a round on the cliff-top golf course (watch the water hazard... it's called the Southern Ocean!) or wandering along the beach or cliff-tops to take in the ever-changing ocean views.


Famous for its cheeses, strawberries and ice cream, Timboon is at the heart of a picturesque dairying district. Wander through bushland and over historic trestle railway bridges along the Rail Trail that leads inland towards Cobden and Camperdown, once bustling with trainloads of timber from Timboon's sawmills.

Curdie Vale

The placid Curdies River is also an ideal spot to try fishing for black bream or yellow-eyed mullet. Thinking of improving the garden when you get home? Boggy Creek Garden Ornaments can provide you with all your garden needs, including pots, fountains and statues.

Rolling dairy farmlands near Cobden

Sweeping views of the Southern Ocean from the cliffs
above Antares beach

The Twelve Apostles, perhaps the most visited feature of the
Shipwreck Coast, are an easy drive from Butterfly Farm

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Otway Fly

Get ready to take off on a spectacular journey through the tree-tops of the beautiful Otways rainforest via the Otway Fly Treetop Walk, a 600-metre long walkway, 25 metres above the forest floor. Or fly through the trees with the greatest of ease on the zip-line tour, a guaranteed adrenalin rush!


Hub city of the southwest, and the western gateway to the Great Ocean Road, Warrnambool offers great dining, shopping and entertainment year round, and a host of attractions, including great beaches and a spectacular night-time sound and laser show that dramatises the wreck of the Loch Ard.

Other Attractions

Many more attractions on the Shipwreck Coast, including Loch Ard Gorge, Port Campbell and Cape Otway are within easy driving distance.

To the west, past Warrnambool, is historic Port Fairy, world-famous for its annual folk music festival.

Between Warrnambool and Port fairy is the huge extinct volcano of Tower Hill. Now a haven for wildlife, it's a spectacular reminder of the district's violent geological past.

Inland to the north of Butterfly Farm are the lakes, mountains and craters of Victoria's volcanic trail, with historic towns such as Camperdown and Terang to visit and explore.

Hills near Cobden Antares beach The 12 Apostles