Personal Information Requests

Butterfly Farm B&B is committed to ensuring visitors to its website have their privacy protected as far as is possible.

Under the European Union General Data protection Regulation (the EU and GDPR), any citizen of the EU can request retrieval of personal data held by us from a visit to this website, and on request have this data removed from our systems.

Unfortunately, while this regulation is well-intended, it makes Butterfly Farm B&B and its guests vulnerable to vexacious and malicious requests and attempted data theft.

To safeguard the privacy of our guests and visitors, and to protect our business, anyone making a data request under the GDPR must, at our request, prove their citizenship before any action will be taken.

For individuals, verification methods may include:

  • Butterfly Farm B&B unique guest identifier (given to all guests of our B&B);
  • A scan of your EU identity Card, accompanied by a separate full-face photo;
  • A scan of a certified copy of a utility bill showing your address within the EU;
  • A statutory declaration of your EU citizenship.

Note that certified copies and statutory declarations must clearly show the name and contact details of the certifying official, to allow verification of his identity.

This also applies to any organisation purporting to represent the EU. Any organisation contacting us on behalf of an EU citizen must, on request, prove its bona fides.

For organisations, verification methods may include:

  • A statutory declaration that the organisation is authorised to act in relation to the GDPR;
  • A certified statement from the relevant government minister in the country originating the request, guaranteeing the identity of the organisation.

Data Requests MUST include sufficient information to allow identification of the relevant data.

Such information may include:

  • Butterfly Farm B&B guest identifier;
  • Date an email was sent;
  • Subject line of the email;
  • Sender's email address;
  • Summary of email content;
  • Date and time (UTC) of website visitor;
  • IP address of the visitor;
  • Browser used by the visitor.

Note that in line with business practices and legal requirements, some personal information such as financial transactions MUST be retained by Butterfly Farm B&B for up to seven years.